Terms and Conditions

  • The prescription drugs that we are selling would be in authentic quality but the effectiveness would vary based on how it is taken. So, in case of any issue in the body it is you who have to bear the responsibility.
  • If you are purchasing any medication from rdmedicalonline.com then it means that you abide by the terms and conditions of this online pharmacy.
  • We can change the conditions at any point of time without any prior notice. So, you have to check every time before you order drugs from this site.
  • We would follow the policies that are framed. However, if there is any occurrence of mishaps then coordination of the customers is required. We would find a solution and clear your issues.
  • All the information that is provided to this online pharmacy would be kept safe and secure. We would not be selling these details with the third party.
  • We would not be responsible for any purchase that is made out of this internet based pharmacy.
  • Only individuals whose age is above 18 are supposed to use this website to order their required medications. It is a must that you have to follow this in the site.