R&D Medical, Inc.(Also Known as RDMedicalOnline.com) is a National Distributor of Medical and Health Care Related Supplies.

R&D Medical, Inc. headquarters are located in Central Florida. Corporate and National Marketing Offices are located near the heart of Orlando, Florida.

R&D Medical, Inc., has its mission to provide proper medical and healthcare products and supplies to medical and health care professionals, as well as consumers, at affordable costs. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the rising costs of Health Care.

RDMedicalOnline.com is at the cutting edge of distribution and is fast becoming an integral part of the Health Care industry. We are dedicated to providing you, the client with the highest quality Factory Direct products to your Door step. Once you ORDER Online from us you will be receiving tracking information of your package within 2-4 Business days after successful payment.

RDMedicalOnline.com provides the Medical Professional, Health Care Facility and the Public, top-notch Managed “Client Care” through a complete list of Medical and Health Care related products and supplies. R&D Medical’s quality, value and pricing can’t be beat. Our daily concern is a focus on locating high quality products while still lowering your cost.

At RDMedicalOnline.com, our commitment, experience, and expertise established business relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime!

Client Direct Services provide shipping direct to the home in unmarked packaging to provide and protect patient privacy.


R&D Medical, Inc. is currently one of the fastest growing Medical Products and Home Health Care Distributor in the country. Also known as RDMedicalOnline.com, the Company supplies health care professionals and the general public with high quality brand name products direct from factory to you. We are currently the only national medical products distributor serving the health care industry by means of direct – local access.

RDMedicalOnline.com – Where Quality and Service are our Most Important Products

We don’t believe in compromising on quality. Through the communication resources we have, the people who represent us, and our Commitment to Excellence; we offer the latest innovations, as well as the best of the best in health care supplies and services.

We meet each health care product need of people around the globe in successful manner. These solutions begin with the products we provide: more than 15,000 products, supplies from national and international manufacturers, and all are just a telephone or online call away. We offer extensive expertise, using advanced automated logistics and technology. And as a result, we not only deliver products; but we offer assistance helping our customers improve and reduce costs, and streamline inventory turnover.


Our Representatives count on us to provide them with goals that challenge their abilities and give them the opportunity to grow; to provide a supportive environment that rewards their efforts while maintaining open lines of communication; and to provide the resources and the training they need, because in our business there is always more to learn.

Perhaps most of all, our Representatives count on us for a corporate position that reflects integrity and high moral values. We’ve defined these values, which we call the R&D Commitment to Excellence. You can learn about our values by visiting our “mission statement” section.


Our mutual success depends on providing clients with the highest quality medical and health related products, delivered accurately and on schedule. For this reason, we think of our suppliers as partners in Health Care.
In return, we expect a commitment from our suppliers. We choose each of our suppliers very carefully, selecting only those, whose dedication to service, reliability, and sense of responsibility match our Word of Commitment. All our manufacturers and vendors must be able to help us meet the high expectations of clients, expectations that reflect the high stakes of our industry, including the ability to standardize products, not only within a single facility, but across an entire health care network. By consolidating manufacturer commitments, we can continue to offer the flexibility, reliability, and choice each client needs.

Service and Value are our Number One Priorities!

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